Junta Directiva

Junta Directiva

Fabian Folcker

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management, KTH. Fabian has a background in management consulting. He is responsible for operational excellence programs across the portfolio and commercial due diligence.

Peter Larsson

B.Sc. Data and Systems Science, Stockholm University. Peter is the new Chairman and has held a number of senior positions in the software industry, including CTO of Front Capital Systems, CEO of Protect Data and Episerver, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies and board member of IAR Systems.

Per Ivansson

M.Sc. Computer Science, Stockholm University. Per has over 20 years of experience in the software industry as a senior executive. Previous positions includes SVP, Global CTO and Managing Director EMEA at Episerver.

Gunnar Wexell

Gunnar Wexell, MSc de Chalmers University of Technology/Imperial College, socio y fundador de Trapets AB, fundador de Extenda AB


Andreas Werner

Andreas Werner BSc de KTH Royal Institute of Technology, CPO en Trapets, socio y fundador de Trapets AB.

Markus Gerdin

Markus has held several senior positions in the software industry, including CEO of Front Capital Systems, MD OMX Market Technology, EVP Nasdaq and COO Orc Software. Markus has also held board positions in the industry including Chairman for Orc Software, IAR Systems, Medius Group, Apptus Technologies and Wint Group.