Trapets Outsourced Trading Surveillance recruits Jan Melin from the Swedish FSA


Release date: 18th of November 2015

Jan Melin, Trapets AB

Jan Melin, Trapets AB

Trapets Outsourced Trading Surveillance is proud to announce the hiring of experienced surveillance expert Jan Melin.

Jan Melin was with the market surveillance department at the Swedish FSA and has now joined Trapets. Jan spent nine years with the Swedish FSA in the field of trading surveillance and market abuse matters and before that he worked as a broker in Stockholm and Luxembourg.

”The increased interest in our Outsourced Trading Surveillance enables us to recruit additional experienced staff and we are delighted that Jan has joined us” says Peter Nylén, Head of Outsourced Trading Surveillance.

Outsourced Trading Surveillance has been offered since 2014 by Trapets, probably being the only company in the world providing this service. Currently six banks in Sweden and Norway are using the service. With the inclusion of Jan Melin there are three professionals employed at Trapets Outsourced Trading Surveillance and together they represent a broad experience in market surveillance from stock exchanges, banks, and from the regulators.

For more info, please Contact Peter Nylén