Trapets AB and Vembi Ägarinformation AB deepen their cooperation in fighting financial crime

Economic crime, money laundering and terrorism financing are major threats to society. The RegTech company Trapets AB and Vembi Ägarinformation AB are now taking their collaboration further towards helping companies and organizations fighting these crimes that could potentially affect millions of people and cost society large sums each year.

Trapets and Vembi have been collaborating since early 2018 offering ownership information on Swedish and Norwegian companies. We have gradually expanded the information content and will now also cover companies outside the Nordics.

We have been providing crucial ownership information on Swedish and Norwegian companies to Trapets for some time. We see an increased demand on such information on non-Nordic companies and are very pleased to meet this demand together with Trapets”, says Henrik Lehmann at Vembi Ägarinformation.

Gunnar Wexell, working chairman at Trapets, continues “In the 5AMLD there is an increased focus on collecting and investigating information about the beneficial owners and representatives of company clients. Therefore, Trapets is happy to provide such information in InstantWatch which reduces manual work and increases efficiency for our clients”.


About Trapets AB
Trapets AB is a leading provider of AML, CDD, KYC and Market/Trading Surveillance solutions. Professional services range from assistance in implementing compliance monitoring and advanced analytics programs to fully managed/outsourced surveillance services.

The company is one of the market leaders in Europe regarding securities market surveillance and in Northern Europe regarding AML, anti-money laundering surveillance. Trapets has developed the surveillance and compliance platform InstantWatch, which is one of the most modern, powerful and user-friendly platforms in the world for automatic surveillance and compliance. For more information, visit

About Vembi Ägarinformation AB
Vembi Ägarinformation AB (ownership information) is a subsidiary to Valu8, a leading provider of private company and ownership information in the European countries. Vembi has developed and refined a unique register of ownership information covering the unlisted limited liability companies.

Thus, the network between owners – both direct and indirect owners – and beneficial owners as well as legal representatives can be identified and analysed, irrespective of size.

The information about factual ownership is being used within KYC- and AML-processes as well as credit assessments. For more information, please visit or

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