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Intelligent surveillance for smarter compliance

The introduction of Market Abuse Regulations (MAR), MiFID2 and MiFIR has imposed stricter and more cumbersome rules that both financial businesses and individuals must follow. This is the result of rising levels of insider dealing and market manipulation, with the advancement in technology playing an important role.

But technology can also be the key to its prevention. InstantWatch Market dramatically lowers the risk of criminal activity impacting your business, while ensuring that your business remains fully and continually compliant with market abuse regulations. InstantWatch Market rapidly detects and reports suspicious market manipulation and insider trading behaviors. Save time, cost and reputational damage by preventing criminal activity before it happens.

Detect market abuse faster and with greater accuracy

InstantWatch Market is a leading compliance and surveillance platform focusing on preventing insider trading and market manipulation. Analysing the flow across financial transactions in real-time, including trades, orders, and news, the platform reduces the risk of criminal activity hitting your business. It allows you to easily and rapidly detect, investigate and report suspicious orders and trades, whilst complying with MiFID2, MIFIR, and Market Abuse Regulations. 

InstantWatch Market features;

  • Automatic monitoring performs advanced pattern analyses of every transaction
  • Configure alert triggers and set thresholds in real time
  • Alerts are classified as those that need to be investigated, documented, or reported
  • Clear and transparent insight into the development of a financial instrument over time
  • Play or replay each order event in any market
  • User-friendly and highly flexible

Simplify your surveillance process, whilst maintaining total control

Financial regulators are cracking down on rising levels of market abuse and fragmented markets, but many businesses are struggling to keep up. Interpreting regulations, aligning business interests with the regulatory scope and the level of surveillance and monitoring needed for compliance are all challenges companies continue to face.

Whether you’re a bank, brokerage firm, exchange, or MTF, compliance with EU regulations while minimising risk is vital. The implementation of InstantWatch Market as part of your compliance systems will instantly ease your burdens. 
Since the early 2000s, Trapets’ clients have been using InstantWatch Market to stay ahead of new patterns and regulations, whilst the platform has been continuously updated and improved.  

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