Credit institutions

Proactive AML to protect your business

Credit institutions play a pivotal role in financial systems by enabling economic activity. However, wherever funds flow, the potential for money laundering risks follows. Adopting a proactive approach is essential to protect your credit operations and build customer trust.

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The growing need for robust AML strategies

The landscape for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing is increasingly complex. Mistakes can lead to significant consequences, including hefty fines and reputational harm.

Regulators demand that lenders implement effective AML programmes and contribute to fighting financial crime.

Credit institutions need comprehensive AML frameworks to assess risk, know their customers, and analyse suspicious activity. Achieving these goals requires a risk-based approach and the adoption of robust technology.

How we can help credit institutions

PEP and sanctions screening

Understanding your prospects and customers is increasingly important. Continually vet prospective and current customers for matches on sanction lists, politically exposed persons (PEP), relatives and close associates (RCA), and ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) data.

Optimise customer due dilligence

Enhance your know-your-customer (KYC) processes to be seamless and effective during new client onboarding and regular due diligence checks. Establish a secure and efficient workflow by integrating questionnaires, approval systems, and case management into a single, centralised platform.

Transaction monitoring and behavioural analysis

Keep an eye on unusual transactions and patterns. Establish and tailor rules that align with your company’s needs to promptly spot and address any anomalous actions and ensure they’re caught before causing harm.

“The transaction volumes that run through our systems are ever-increasing. Therefore, the automation of transaction monitoring using Trapets is essential for us.”
Chief Operating Officer at Modulr
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Stay proactive with effective AML solutions

  • Conduct thorough checks of your clients against PEPs, sanctions, RCAs, and UBOs, to ensure regulatory adherence.

  • Streamline your process by automating the collection of KYC data during customer onboarding and continuous monitoring, saving valuable time.

  • Integrate responses from the know-your-customer (KYC) process with observed behaviours to maintain current risk profiles.

  • Centralise customer case management and record-keeping to eliminate redundant work.

  • Enhance productivity and cost savings by utilising a unified solution for streamlined operations.

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    Access reliable data sources to check your customers for sanctions, PEP/RCA lists, and UBO information. Concentrate on identifying and managing high-risk customers to prevent the harm of illegal activities to your business.

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    Transaction Monitoring

    Comprehensive transaction monitoring helps you follow regulations, detect suspicious activity, and streamline your AML processes.

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    Customer Due Diligence

    Effortlessly onboard customers with customisable customer due diligence solutions. Create, manage, and store KYC questionnaires in one place.