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Trapets enables businesses with technology and knowledge for successful anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, and market surveillance processes. Meet regulatory requirements and secure efficiency and accuracy to stay ahead of financial crime.

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More than compliance

Financial crime is multifaceted and continually tests the resilience of governments, businesses, and individuals. Challenges include the sophistication of criminal methods, globalisation, and technological advancements that are in constant movement. Regulators' high demands require businesses to understand a complex landscape and invest in skilled people and advanced technology to balance compliance needs with customer convenience and business growth. 

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Solve your financial crime prevention needs

The focus on fighting financial crime through technology has been our core business for decades. Our solutions are developed to meet changing regulatory requirements and enable businesses to be proactive, stay compliant, and adopt more efficient compliance processes.

  • Transaction Monitoring

    A robust and powerful solution that provides automatic risk assessments, surveillance, and rapid alerts against money laundering and terrorist financing activity.

    Explore Transaction Monitoring
  • Customer Due Diligence

    Improve your customer onboarding and ongoing due diligence processes to reduce operational costs and perform more accurate risk assessments while offering your customers a seamless experience.

    Explore Customer Due Diligence
  • Screening

    Screen your customers against PEP, sanctions, and other watchlists to comply with regulations, onboard customers faster, and perform better risk assessments.

    Explore Screening
  • Market and Trade Surveillance

    Detect, investigate, and report suspicious market manipulation and insider trading behaviours in real-time with our powerful solution. 

    Explore Market and Trade Surveillance
We wanted a straightforward technology setup, where we will gain a lot from having Trapets as the sole provider to cover our AML process and regulatory needs."
Chief Operating Officer, POP Bank Group
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The technology behind our solutions

We have created Instantwatch - the platform to cover your needs for financial crime prevention. Instantwatch has been refined for years and is a robust and trustworthy platform that is easy to scale and adapt to changing business requirements. 

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