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Trapets is dedicated to helping businesses detect, prevent and fight financial crime. Increasing complexity in regulations is a result of an unfortunate increase in financial criminal activity including money laundering, fraud, insider trading, and market abuse.

Trapets is a company specialising in solutions for automatic monitoring, surveillance and compliance. With over 20 years of experience, our solutions are proven and trusted by over 200 customers.

We provide an end-to-end compliance platform for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF), Know Your Customer Screening (KYC), Customer Onboarding and Ongoing Due Diligence (CDD), and Anti-Market Abuse.

“The transaction volumes that run through our systems are ever-increasing. Therefore, the automation of transaction monitoring using Trapets’ InstantWatch AML system is essential for us”

Chief Operating Officer at Modulr

More than a vendor

With 20 years of experience, we have developed our solution in close collaboration with our customers. We strive to not only provide the best technical solutions but are equally dedicated to giving expertise and guidance when it comes to user training, configuring systems, risk management, and processes.

Information security is a constant focus at Trapets. Trapets began early with continuous improvement work in this area with internal training, external security audits and a host of other security measures. The company has been ISO27001 certified since 2018.

How we can help

Know Your Customer

Screen your customers easily and accurately to identify and know your customers. We provide lists such as sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO), and many more.

kyc screening

Customer Onboarding & Ongoing Due Diligence 

Generate a risk rating for customers, based on KYC data and your requirements to onboard customers at less risk and easily conduct ongoing due diligence.

customer due diligence

Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism

Get automatic, real-time alerts for suspicious transactions and quickly investigate, monitor, and report all-in-one solution.

anti-money laundering

Anti-Market Abuse & Insider Trading 

Automate your market surveillance to successfully detect and report suspicious market
manipulation and insider trading.

MARKET surveillance

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20+ years of experience

For over 20 years, Trapets has been helping Compliance Officers, Risk Officers, AML teams, and C-suite Executives sleep well – by turning passion into potential.

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