Financial Crime Surveillance

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Combining our solutions with professional expertise makes it easy to stay compliant, proactive, and ahead of financial crime. With our financial crime surveillance team, you will access highly skilled professionals doing the hands-on work for you.

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Making the fight easier

The market is becoming more complex with an increasing range of financial instruments and products offered. The market structure has become more variable and complicated, and transaction volumes have significantly increased. At the same time, the regulators have stricter requirements on financial institutions regarding their obligation to detect, investigate, and report suspicious behaviour. 

Effective monitoring and surveillance require experts in managing advanced software combined with years of experience and expertise. The Trapets financial crime surveillance team combines software and human expertise in one solution.

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Access a team of experts

The Trapets financial crime surveillance team comprises experts with several years of experience in surveillance and investigations within authorities, trading venues, investment firms, and banks. They are experts on the regulations for securities trading and AML and investigate orders, trades, and financial transactions to cover Market Abuse and AML/CTF regulations requirements.

They lead in surveillance matters and work actively to develop and improve your monitoring setup continuously. The team uses Trapets solutions and the platform Instantwatch to execute the service according to your business.

Expertise at your fingertips

Together with Trapets solutions, the Financial Crime Surveillance team brings you benefits, including;

  • A dedicated surveillance analyst for investigations and assessments

  • Orders and trades analysed to detect suspicious activities

  • STOR and STR reports containing your data together with a detailed description of events and assessments, for easy submission to authorities

  • Application for required and relevant risk classifications for your business

  • Tailored alert settings according to your specific needs and defined risk classifications

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