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As technologies constantly emerge, customers seek new solutions to facilitate their technology stack and create better experiences. We seize the opportunity to build strong partner networks and relationships to offer broader solutions that meet market needs.

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In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, partnerships are crucial for achieving and sustaining business success. We value partnerships where we can combine expertise and accelerate innovations in collaboration and diversification of offerings for greater customer value. 

Over the years, Trapets has developed strong partnerships with a shared mission of helping businesses fight financial crime, by providing the required technology and knowledge. 

Our technology partners

  • Leanon
  • Megasol Technologies
  • Näktergal
  • Centevo
  • Stacc
  • Vilja
  • Crosskey
  • ISEC
  • Bricknode
  • FA Solutions

Types of partnerships

We offer a broad range of partnerships, as we believe that no business is the other alike. 

  • Software reseller partner

    We offer our screening solution as a white-label addition to partners' product offerings and portfolios. It can complement a partner's core business, such as identity verification, business and credit information, and data insight providers.

  • Technology partner

    As a technology partner, we integrate our products into the partner's service offering to enhance the customer experience. This type of partner usually offers a product software suite for the financial industry. These partners are facilitators and system integrators collaborating closely with us to enable a seamless customer experience.

  • Professional services partner

    As many businesses seek consultancy and knowledge on approaching financial surveillance, compliance, and regulatory requirements, these companies are natural partners to us. A professional service partner includes industry experts and consultants who support and advise clients on decisions, process development, and implementation of technology solutions.

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Partner marketing kit

Are you a partner and want to use our logo and boilerplate on your website or other materials? You can download our visual identity kit below. 

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