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Meet the leadership team of Trapets

Management team

Board of directors

  • Peter Larsson

    Peter Larsson


    Peter holds a B.Sc. in Data and Systems Science from Stockholm University. Peter has held several senior positions in the software industry, including CTO of Front Capital Systems, CEO of Protect Data and Episerver, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies and board member of IAR Systems.

  • Andreas Werner

    Andreas Werner

    Board member

    Andreas Werner holds a B.Sc. degree from KTH in Computer Science. Andreas has over 20 years of experience developing solutions and products for the financial industry as a system architect and chief technology officer. Andreas is the co-founder of Trapets.

    • Fabian Folcker

      Fabian Folcker

      Board member

      Fabian holds a M.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Fabian has a background in management consulting and oversees operational excellence programs across the portfolio and commercial due diligence.

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      Caroline af Ugglas

      Board member

      Caroline has a degree in economics from Stockholm University. Previously shareholder manager of Skandialiv and deputy CEO of Svenskt Näringsliv. Caroline has several years of board member experience, including Investment AB Latour (publ), Connecta AB (publ) and AMF Pensionsförsäkring AB.

    • Dan Sjöholm

      Dan Sjöholm

      Board member

      Dan is one of the founders of Trapets and has been the CEO of Trapets from the start until recently. He has had extensive expertise in fighting financial crimes and regulatory compliance since 2000, leading and growing the company for over two decades.

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        Markus Gerdien

        Board member

        Markus has held several senior positions in various software companies, including Front Capital Systems, OMX Market Technology, Nasdaq and Orc Software. He has also been on the board of companies including Chairman for Orc Software, IAR Systems, Medius Group, Apptus Technologies, and Wint Group.