Trapets Transaction Monitoring

Analyse transactions to protect your business

Make the fight easier with a comprehensive transaction monitoring solution that allows you to comply with regulations and detect and fight financial crime.

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Staying one step ahead

Transaction monitoring is crucial in the fight against financial crime. As bad actors' methods have changed, efficient and accurate monitoring is more important than ever. Many organisations face challenges in monitoring and analysing transactions, such as complying with complex regulations, ensuring data quality and availability, and improving detection accuracy.

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Identify suspicious transactions

Trapets Transaction Monitoring is a scalable and comprehensive solution that streamlines regulatory compliance and enhances data availability. Advanced monitoring and surveillance help you detect and identify suspicious activities. 

Integrate with any data source for a complete and customised view of transactional data. Automate risk calculations for customers, accounts, and transactions, enabling comprehensive analysis and pattern detection at all levels. 

Track and monitor suspicious activity

Maximise efficiency

Improve efficiency by reducing manual work, false positives, and operational costs while increasing detection quality, investigation speed, and reporting. Automate your alert analysis to save time and resources.

Connect to any data source

Securely monitor large data volumes to minimise the risk of exposure to financial crime. Connect your transaction monitoring to multiple data sources, such as banking systems, CRM systems, and third-party data providers, to strengthen the performance of your monitoring processes.

Comprehensive monitoring

Use one solution that combines screening, risk models, case management, and reporting. Manage your AML programmes in one place for process efficiency, with the option to scale and expand the solution as your business grows.

“The transaction volumes that run through our systems are ever-increasing. Therefore, the automation of transaction monitoring using Trapets is essential for us.”
Chief Operating Officer at Modulr
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Trapets Transaction Monitoring capabilities

  • Swift detection: Detect and prevent financial crime through daily monitoring.

  • Precise risk assessments: Get accurate, up-to-date risk evaluations based on customer profiles and transactions. Assign scores and flag or block high-risk transactions for further investigation.

  • Customisation: Adjust monitoring scenarios and rules to align with your risk model, business changes, customer behaviour, emerging trends, and best practices.

  • Scalability: Strengthen your AML programmes by seamlessly integrating KYC, customer due diligence (CDD), PEP list/RCA, and UBO screening in one cohesive solution.

  • Efficiency: Streamline your workflow by consolidating monitoring and uncovering patterns that may signal fraud or money laundering.

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Grow your AML initiatives

Build resilience against financial crime by integrating KYC/KYB, customer onboarding, ongoing due diligence, and customer screening. Expand your anti-money laundering programmes to match your specific requirements.

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    Access reliable data sources to check your customers for sanctions, PEP/RCA lists, and UBO information. Concentrate on identifying and managing high-risk customers to prevent the harm of illegal activities to your business.

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    Customer Due Diligence

    Effortlessly onboard customers with customisable customer due diligence solutions. Create, manage, and store KYC questionnaires in one place.