Achieve full AML compliance for banks

Regulators hold banks to rigorous standards, while criminals continually refine their tactics for financial crimes. Take control of your AML processes from start to finish to enhance operational efficiency and get a clear understanding of your customer base to stay ahead of financial crime.

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Fighting financial crime is harder than ever

Banks' landscapes for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing have never been more complex. One error can have serious consequences, such as substantial fines and reputational damage. 

It is challenging to manage regulatory complexity and political changes combined with comprehensive data management to achieve effective AML operations. Whether it is collecting customer data, analysing transactions, determining sources of wealth, or managing cost and manual effort, banks need better solutions and reliable technology.

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AML for the entire customer lifecycle

Adopting a comprehensive solution to cover all AML needs in one is key to facilitating your AML processes and achieving operational and cost efficiency. An end-to-end solution collected in one platform will give a holistic view of your customers, risks, and day-to-day operations. 

Protect your organisation and customers by streamlining customer data collection, automating transaction analysis, and reducing manual efforts to minimise the risk of errors. Detect suspicious behaviour before harm is done and gain clear insights into who your customers are.

AML solutions tailored for banks

PEP and sanctions screening

Understanding your customer base is more crucial than ever. Prioritise identifying high-risk customers to minimise the threat of illicit activities impacting your business. Consistently screen potential and existing customers against sanctions, PEP/RCA lists, and UBO data.

Customer onboarding and due diligence

You want to onboard new customers seamlessly, minimising obstacles or delays. To achieve this, establish a secure and efficient onboarding process integrating centralised questionnaire creation, approval models, and customer case management into a single platform.

Transaction monitoring and behaviour analysis

Stay vigilant by tracking and monitoring suspicious transactions and behaviours. Receive timely alerts that demand your attention. Leverage advanced monitoring and risk assessments to detect and identify suspicious activities before they cause harm. Integrate screening, risk models, case management, and reporting in one platform.

We wanted a straightforward technology setup, where we will gain a lot from having Trapets as the sole provider to cover our AML process and regulatory needs."
Chief Operating Officer, POP Bank Group
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Reduce risk to protect your customers

  • Tailored dashboards for an overview of the present situation, enabling swift decision-making.

  • Customise your AML solution to align with your operational requirements, risk model, and global events.

  • Enhance efficiency with intelligent reporting and streamlined audits.

  • Seamlessly integrated reporting capabilities with UNODC and goAML.

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    Access reliable data sources to check your customers for sanctions, PEP/RCA lists, and UBO information. Concentrate on identifying and managing high-risk customers to prevent the harm of illegal activities to your business.

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    Customer Due Diligence

    Effortlessly onboard customers with customisable customer due diligence solutions. Create, manage, and store KYC questionnaires in one place.

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    Transaction Monitoring

    Comprehensive transaction monitoring helps you follow regulations, detect suspicious activity, and streamline your AML processes.