Market manipulation and insider trading

Increase speed and precision in your market monitoring

With Trapets, you can automate and optimise your market and trade surveillance to detect, analyse, and report suspicious orders and transactions faster and more accurately.

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Proactive defense against market abuse

With stricter requirements, complex markets, and rapid technological advancements, protecting your operations from being exploited for financial crime is challenging. Fragmented monitoring processes result in time and resource inefficiencies. Poorly automated systems increase the risk of errors and missed detection opportunities.

The only way to excel is by taking a proactive stance. You can play a role in the fight against market abuse with the right technology and manpower.

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Enhance your surveillance with precision and focus

With Trapets' MAR solutions, you can elevate your surveillance team and efforts with proven and reliable technology. Through high-speed, precision-focused surveillance and monitoring, you get the tools to quickly detect, investigate, and report suspicious trades and market activity. 

If you need additional surveillance team expertise or if your organisation doesn't possess the necessary the capabilities, we have the perfect solution of human expertise and cutting-edge technology combined. 

Refine your monitoring processes with intelligent technology

  • Compliance with MAR, MiFID2, and MiFIR

    Detect and report suspicious activity to the Financial Supervisory Authority, giving you peace of mind during audits.

  • 24/7 monitoring and intelligent detection

    With round-the-clock monitoring and automatic detection of suspected market manipulation and insider trading, you can alleviate concerns about missing critical events.

  • Configurable alerts to minimise false positives

    Use custom triggers, thresholds, and alerts to enhance the precision of your work.

  • Customisable dashboards for real-time data

    Get an immediate snapshot of the current situation for quick decision-making. View historical events related to cases, alerts, or reports on a visual, modular dashboard tailored to user needs.

“The combination of technology and niched surveillance competence through an outsourced team is a win for us. It allows us to improve our processes continuously, backed up by a competent team at Trapets”.
Christian Fodstad, Chief Compliance Officer at Clarksons Securities
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Powerful solutions backed by experience

Since Trapets was founded in 2000, we have developed and refined our solutions to enable our users to protect their operations from financial crime in an increasingly complex environment.

In collaboration with our customers and experts from the tech, finance, and legal industries, we have created robust and flexible solutions that can be adapted and improved as your processes develop.

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