Trapets Market and Trade Surveillance

Elevate your market surveillance

Monitor, detect, and prevent market manipulation and insider trading. Confidently rely on your surveillance results for compliance, accuracy, and speed.

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Fight market abuse

Market abuse and manipulative behaviour are rising. Regulators have enforced complex regulations, including MAR and MiFID, on financial businesses to detect and report illicit market activities. Trading data volumes are growing, as are bad actors' strategies. Technology like trading bots also adds to the amount and speed of data, which demands rapid processes and advanced solutions.

Many organisations struggle to implement the required level of surveillance for compliance. Surveilling market and trading activity is resource-intensive and complex, especially when dealing with false positives, manual processes, legacy systems, and poor data quality.

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Trust your surveillance

Monitor, detect, and prevent market manipulation and insider trading in a complex and dynamic trading environment with Trapets Market and Trade Surveillance. Comprehensive, advanced trade monitoring helps detect anomalies or patterns in your trading data to identify even the most complex trading activity. Get clear and transparent insight into the development of financial instruments over time.

You can change and scale your surveillance system to fit your business needs. Trust your surveillance results with advanced detection and effective teamwork. Control surveillance costs through automated and streamlined monitoring.

Detect complex trading patterns

Complete overview

Gather your market surveillance in one place for secure, comprehensive detection. Reduce the time spent on manual work and focus on identifying and reporting suspicious activity. Monitor and analyse large amounts of data with precision and accuracy.

Advanced monitoring

Use powerful and advanced analysis to detect complex trading patterns and sophisticated financial crime.  Rely on accurate surveillance results to minimise the occurrence of false positives and negatives allowing you to minimise the chances to detect any suspicious behaviour.

Reliable reporting

Create instant STOR and STR reports for easy reporting and compliance. Configure your solution to fit various use cases and market activities for a more targeted detection capacity.

“The combination of technology and niched surveillance competence through an outsourced team is a win for us. It allows us to improve our processes continuously, backed up by a competent team at Trapets”.
Christian Fodstad, Chief Compliance Officer at Clarksons Securities
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Always keep track of your market surveillance

  • Real-time market monitoring for compliance with regulations, including MAR and MiFID.

  • Configurable alert triggers and thresholds.

  • Investigate suspicious activity with a single click.

  • Custom, modular dashboards for complete control over your monitoring.

  • Generate and submit STOR and STR reports directly in the platform to save time.

  • Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) categorisations for consistent interpretations.

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Expertise when you need it

Trapets Financial Crime Surveillance is a unique team of experts with vast experience in surveillance and investigations in various financial institutions. Thanks to their deep knowledge of regulations for securities trading and AML, they investigate orders, trades, and financial transactions to cover Market Abuse and AML/CTF regulations for customers who cannot manage this service in-house. For businesses who want a team of experts to perform the hands-on daily monitoring, we are happy to help.

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