Customer Due Diligence

Isn't it time you had confidence in your compliance solutions?

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, financial firms are finding it tough in the fight against financial crime. To enable a holistic view of the customers to comply, detect and prevent criminal activities is challenging. It requires automated processes, excellent data structure and management together with innovative technology.

Trapets provides an all-in-one platform including solutions for KYC screening, Customer due diligence, and transaction and trade monitoring. By enabling one platform and interface to manage your AML and securities trading processes, we bring confidence to your compliance and surveillance systems.

Our platform, InstantWatch is a modular-based platform, easy to customise and adapt to many financial business needs. For over 20 years, Trapets has been helping banks, investment managers and global fintechs to prevent money laundering and other criminal activities. We are trusted by more than 200 customers across the globe.

InstantWatch KYC Screening

Screen customers against sanctions, terrorist, PEP, and adverse media lists.

KYC Screening

InstantWatch Customer Due Diligence

Streamline and automate your customer onboarding and ongoing due diligence processes.

Customer Due Diligence

InstantWatch Anti-Money Laundering

One of the most sophisticated and configurable transaction monitoring systems on the market today.

AML system

InstantWatch Market

Surveil and detect market abuse and insider trading.

Market surveillance 


Financial Crime Surveillance

We manage your transaction monitoring and trade surveillance through our team of experts.

Financial Crime Surveillance

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