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With an increasing range of financial instruments and products being offered, the market is becoming more and more complex. The market structure has also become more variable and complicated, and the volumes of transactions have increased greatly. At the same time, the regulations have much stricter requirements on financial institutions regarding their obligation to detect, investigate and report suspicious behavior. It requires more to be fully compliant.

Effective market abuse and AML surveillance have become areas for experts with access to advanced surveillance systems and comprehensive benchmark data. By complementing our software solutions with a team of experts to investigate, monitor, and surveil for you, we make it easy to stay compliant. Our financial crime surveillance team takes on customers that are in need of experts to do the work for them.

Access a team of experts 

Trapets’ financial crime surveillance team consists of experts with many years of experience in surveillance and investigations within competent authorities, trading venues, and investment firms. They are experts on the regulations for securities trading and AML which guarantees your company to be up to date in this area, today and in the future.

The financial crime surveillance team investigates orders, trades, and financial transactions to cover requirements in both Market Abuse and AML/CTF regulations. The team will take a leading role regarding surveillance matters and will work actively to constantly develop and improve your monitoring setup. Our platform, Instantwatch, is used by the team to execute the service according to your business.


The benefits of our Financial crime surveillance service include;

  • A dedicated surveillance analyst for investigations and assessments of your monitored data
  • Orders & trades are automatically analysed to detect suspicious activities
  • Access STOR & STR reports containing your data together with a detailed description of events and assessments, so you can easily complete and submit your reports to competent authorities
  • Data is securely handled according to our ISO 27001 certification
  • Application for required and relevant risk classifications for your business products, and customers
  • Tailored alert settings according to your specific needs and defined risk classifications
  • Human interaction with automatically generated alerts for the most effective surveillance for your business needs

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Anti-Market Abuse & Insider Trading

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Anti-Money Laundering

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