Financial Crime Surveillance

The easiest way to become compliant

About the service

Trapets simplify the everyday life of our clients by offering the Financial Crime Surveillance service, FCS, that is professional, safe and affordable. It is also easy and quick to get started with Trapets surveillance services.

FCS is available for both InstantWatch Market and InstantWatch AML customers

Why outsource the financial crime surveillance?

With an increasing range of financial instruments and products being offered, the market is becoming more and more complex. The market structure has also become more variable and complicated, and the volumes of transactions have increased greatly.

At the same time, the regulations have much stricter requirements on financial institutions regarding their obligation to detect, investigate and report suspicious behaviour. It requires more to be fully compliant.

Effective market abuse and AML surveillance have become areas for experts with access to advanced surveillance systems and comprehensive benchmark data.

White Paper on Market Abuse Regulation

On July 3rd, 2016, the Market Abuse Regulation was implemented across the EU. Please download Trapets’ White Paper to find out more.


FCS summary White Paper MAR White paper MIFID 2 & MIFIR



InstantWatch, the platform where all Trapets surveillance takes place, is a flexible monitoring solution for a company’s total activity that meets today’s complex regulatory challenges. Designed specifically for a financial organization’s compliance team, the system automatically identifies suspicious behaviour powered by a state-of-the-art analysis engine.

The FCS Team

Trapets’ surveillance officers performing the FCS service are surveillance experts with many years of experience in surveillance and investigations within competent authorities, trading venues and investments firms. They are experts on the rules and regulations for securities trading and AML which guarantees your company to be up to date in this area, today and in the future.

Trapets FCS will take a leading role regarding surveillance matters and will work actively to constantly develop and improve your monitoring setup. Regular contacts and reports of trends ensure that the observations we make will benefit your organization.


The FCS service is currently delivered to 15+ clients across Europe. The clients consist of venues, retail banks, investment banks, and buy-side firms.

Every day more than 60 billion pattern analyses are carried out on 3 billion transactions within InstantWatch

How do I get started?

Please contact Trapets for more information and pricing!