Sanction list updates

As a provider of global sanction lists and due to the continuous rapid changes to sanction regimes, we want to ensure that you are kept up to date and aware of how we at Trapets ensure that the latest developments are reflected correctly in all our Sanction Lists Services.

Please rest assured that our teams are working hard to ensure that timely updates are made whilst it’s also critical for us to ensure high quality and accuracy.

We would therefore like to bring your attention to the following latest updates from our side.


  • Trapets closely follow the continuous updates regarding sanctions. In addition to our automatic workflow to keep the lists up to date with the latest changes, we have also now implemented an additional layer of manual monitoring of our services.  
  • The InstantWatch KYC service is updated with the latest data from the EU consolidated sanction list, OFAC, HM treasury and UN consolidated sanction list at least once every 2 hours.  
  • You can track when the lists/service was last updated by choosing “about” on the top right corner of the KYC service GUI. Please note that the value of Added, Updated, Deleted, Skipped and Total will only be visible if the last import contained new data from the source. 
  • From experience, we know that government officials sometimes announce new sanctions before they are officially implemented, and equally important to know is that sanctioned names are sometimes published in the media before they are updated in the official sanction list source. It’s important to therefore understand that sometimes there will be a delay between announcements and/or media publications when the updates are made available in the official source lists.  


Our team remains dedicated to ensuring quality and accuracy and are here to support your business needs and questions. We will ensure to bring you continuous updates via email and via our newsroom on our webpage.

Should you have any specific questions please contact your dedicated contact person at Trapets or submit a ticket via our support portal.