Trapets Customer Due Diligence

Know your customer from the start

Enhance compliance, refine risk assessments, and boost operational efficiency with comprehensive customer onboarding and ongoing due diligence solutions.

Comply to grow

You want to onboard your customers quickly and smoothly to grow your business, but you must also protect it from risk and comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

That’s why you need to perform customer due diligence (CDD) checks that are secure and thorough. However, these checks can be time-consuming and costly. You need a solution to onboard your customers accurately and securely without compromising speed or quality. Knowing your customers from the start and throughout the customer lifecycle will enable confidence when conducting your business. 

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Deepen your customer insights

Safeguard your business and comply with AML regulations by enriching your KYC process with Trapets Customer Due Diligence. With our comprehensive KYC management solution, you will welcome new customers with user-friendly, adaptable questionnaires. You can store and analyse customer data in one secure location to deepen your understanding of customer risks.

Reduce operational costs with efficient, integrated case management and rest assured that your customer due diligence processes are efficient and scalable to your needs.

Comprehensive customer due diligence

Smooth onboarding

Ensure fast, user-friendly onboarding with adaptable questionnaires for customer convenience. Monitor your questionnaires in real-time and make it easy to detect risky customers.

Accurate KYC information

Have the most current customer data by regularly updating and sending customer questionnaires. This will protect you from outdated KYC information and mitigate the risk of illicit activities to your business and not complying with regulations.  

Due diligence in one place

Collect and manage your customer due diligence using one solution. Centralise questionnaire creation, approval models, and case management in one secure location for efficient and holistic customer understanding.

Switching to Trapets has made us feel safer and more confident in managing our client’s needs. And since everything is registered in Trapets, it’s easy to follow each case from start to finish.”
Elisabet Dahlberg, Fund administrator at AMF

Knowing your customer starts here

  • Customisable, renewable questionnaires to ask customers the right questions at the right time.

  • Immediate access to insights, alerts, red flags, and risk indicators for in-depth investigation.

  • Flexible risk model configuration for assigning accurate risk scores to every customer.

  • Seamless integration of agreement signing for swift and efficient onboarding.

  • Personalised user dashboards to consolidate your cases, alerts, and reports into one convenient location.

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Scale and expand your AML programme

Scale your solution by seamlessly integrating transaction monitoring and customer screening, enabling the expansion of your anti-money laundering programmes to suit your needs.

  • Screening

    Access reliable data sources to check your customers for sanctions, PEP/RCA lists, and UBO information. Concentrate on identifying and managing high-risk customers to prevent the harm of illegal activities to your business.