Implementation and onboarding

From idea to implementation

It all comes down to implementation. We make sure that your onboarding and implementation run smoothly and frictionless. Our dedicated customer success team will guide you along the way.

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Your success is our success

Successful implementation and customer onboarding are managed by our customer success team, with years of experience in conducting small to large and complex implementation projects. As the needs of your business differ, we bring confidence that our team have the required experience in implementation projects to handle various types of businesses and scenarios.

We guide you from start to finish throughout the implementation process, from planning and project management to testing and going live. We train the team and users and provide the support needed to ensure optimal onboarding for your team.  

Our implementation process

  • 1. Kick off

    Startup meetings with internal stakeholders setting the project scope and targets. We set a solid project management structure for optimal success.  

  • 2. Platform and connectivity set up

    Set up a stage environment that is accessible to the project team members. 

  • 3. Risk model

    Set up the customer's defined risk model as the basis for the conducted analyses.  

  • 4. Data and integrations

    This phase defines and deploys data import and integration with other systems. Testing data imports, checking data quality, and adjustments are key activities.

  • 5. Configurations and training

    Configuration of risk model, testing of analyses, and fine-tuning to meet the process requirements. User training supported by our team, including workshops and documentation.

  • 6. Go live

    The project goes into production. A post-live period with fine-tuning and adjustments will always follow to ensure maximum user value. 

Switching to Trapets has made us feel safer and more confident in managing our client’s needs. And since everything is registered in Trapets, it’s easy to follow each case from start to finish.”
Elisabet Dahlberg, Fund administrator at AMF
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