How well do you know your customer?

Strengthening your know-your-customer (KYC) processes is more critical than ever. The large majority of customers you onboard will be legitimate, but just one sophisticated offender can cause multiple problems for your business. As a regulated business that falls under the EU’s AMLDs, you must screen your clients against EU/UN sanctions lists. That’s why verifying every new customer’s true intent and trustworthiness is crucial. 

With Trapets and our solution InstantWatch KYC Screening, you’ll be onboarding new customers faster and more effectively. We enable instant screening, so you can identify if your customers are illicit for your business. We have comprehensive screening lists and work consistently to have updated data to increase accuracy when you screen your customers.

Maximise the potential of automating KYC

InstantWatch KYC Screening helps you easily identify beneficial owners (UBOs), Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), or Relative or Close Associate (RCA). Our solution provides you with the flexibility to screen via API, batch, or manually, depending on your type of business.

But it’s not just during the onboarding process where identification is important. Customers need to be screened on an ongoing basis, which can easily be automated through Trapets’ other solutions. Securely screen your clients against multiple sanctions, adverse media, and related lists with the confidence that your compliance process fully adheres to the EU’s AMLDs.

InstantWatch KYC Screening features;

  • Screening of individuals and entities against sanction lists
  • Location-based screening based on your selection of the most relevant lists
  • Screen individuals against PEP/RCA lists to conduct accurate risk customer classifications
  • Accurately source information about owners and representatives of legal entities
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Trapets solutions, CDD and AML, for full AML life cycle management


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Know your customer completely

Combine InstantWatch KYC screening with our Customer Due Diligence (CDD) solution for a comprehensive KYC overview.

Customer due diligence

Connect KYC with monitoring

Get a connected view of transactions and behaviors in one platform with InstantWatch AML.

anti-money laundering

Identify & Screen UBOs

Screen your customers easily to identify beneficial
owners and representatives of Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish companies.

ultimate beneficial owners