Owners & Representatives

Identify ultimate beneficial owners in seconds

Ultimate Beneficial Owners & Representatives

Automatically screen your clients against the most up-to-date lists and easily identify beneficial
owners and representatives of Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish companies via InstantWatch KYC Screening. 

Our solution gives you a complete view of the company board members and owners to make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information and fulfill AMLD requirements. Our list of owners and representatives enables;

  • Identify relevant owners and representatives of companies based in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, with more countries on the horizon
  • Information of all legal owners behind 50,000 Swedish unlisted limited liability companies with a turnover > SEK 10 million or a certain size of equity or subsidiaries with significant minority shareholders
  • Information of all legal owners behind all Norwegian unlisted limited liability companies
  • A complete picture of both the board and owners, when onboarding and daily
  • Automatic batch screening via API or manual screening depending on your preference

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Comprehensive KYC Screening lists

We offer comprehensive KYC screening lists to cover your needs such as PEP, Sanctions to fulfill the AMLD regulation and minimise your business risk.

KYC Screening lists