We aim to build solid collaborations that will create long-term relationships with our partners. As technologies constantly are emerging and customers are seeking to find solutions to facilitate their technology stack, we seize the opportunity to offer broader solutions to meet market needs.

3 ways to partner with Trapets

Technology Partner

As a technology partner, we integrate our Instantwatch solutions as part of the service offering to enhance the user experience.

Software resellers

We enable our KYC screening module as a white-label solution to the reseller’s product offering. It is a complement to an existing product offering, for example within the Identity verification segment.

Professional services

Industry experts and consultants that support and advise clients on decisions, process development, and implementation of technology solutions.

Proud to be partnered with the following companies:










          Bricknode Software AB.











      Crosskey Banking Solutions.











                    FA Solutions.










                iSEC Services AB.










                    LeanOn AB.










          Megasol Technologies AB.











                    Näktergal AB.











                Profile Centevo.











               Vilja Solutions AB.










Wahlstedt Sageryd Financial Services AB.


Stacc AS









                      Stacc AS.


Interested in partnering with us?

Contact Fredrik Danelius, Partner Development Manager: fredrik.danelius@trapets.com