Trapets to launch an ‘EU Sanction by Extension List’

Screen your customers against the new “EU Sanction by Extension List”

Trapets are excited to share that we are now extending our PEP and Sanctions Lists offering with a new EU Sanction by Extension List that will aid our clients with the “50% Rule”. The Extension List will act as a complement to the EU’s Sanction List to enable our clients to manage sanction risks associated with entities that are majority-owned by sanctioned firms and individuals but are not specifically named on the EU’s Sanction List.

Given the cross-jurisdictional and complicated nature of corporate ownership structures, we see many institutions needing to dedicate more resources to understand and manage sanction risks associated with firms that are majority-owned by sanctioned firms and individuals.

With this new list, we hope to be able to not only aid our clients in identifying these firms but more importantly, ensure that they can incorporate these into their daily monitoring, thus minimising their risk exposure.


The list is curated and will be continuously maintained by Trapets.


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Learn more about the EU’s “50%” rule in the EU’s official documentation