Trapets Screening Q2 product release

Find out the highlights of the latest product release for Screening (KYC Screening) for Q2 2023.
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Updated framework technology and APIs 

We have fully updated the KYC Screening framework technology to .net6. This change doesn’t support the SOAP API, and only the REST API continues to be supported. We have also improved the performance of the KYC Screening service since the SOAP API was very resource-consuming.

Additionally, proper HTTP response status codes are now implemented in the API. You can still use warnings, but they will list problematic SubQueries as intended.

Changes to lists

​We have extended Trapets’ proprietary in-house editorial list “Sanctions Extension for EU” to include other sanctions outside the European Commission Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions (FSD) scope.

Other improvements

Various minor bugs have been fixed across the service.

For detailed release notes and technical information, please visit our dev portal.
For questions or more information, please reach out to our support.