Latest solution updates (Q3): Transaction Monitoring

We have released a new version of Trapets Transaction Monitoring, 4.2023.3. This version introduces new features and improvements to enhance your ability to detect financial crime.
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Below, you will find a summary of our newest updates. For full release notes, please visit the Developer Portal. You can visit our Support Portal to get access.

Enhanced ongoing monitoring: Flagged country alert trigger

The latest version introduces a new alert trigger, Flagged country. This alert will notify you when an individual who performed a transaction has a link to a country that is considered notable, i.e., a high-risk third country. You can use this alert to perform Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) to more closely identify and monitor customers related to high-risk third countries.

Compare your risk distribution over time: Risk distribution graph

A new comparative calendar feature lets you evaluate a changed risk model by comparing it with a previous distribution after changes to the model or other more extensive business changes. You can select any date and see the corresponding risk distribution graph for that specific date. This new feature enables you to see your risk distribution's historical trends and patterns over time to make more informed decisions about your risk management in the future.