Latest solution updates (Q4): Transaction Monitoring

We are happy to announce the new Transaction Monitoring release, version 4.2023.4.
A silhouette of a person working at a desk with a computer and other equipment, seen through a circular window. 

Please create a ticket in the Support Portal to access the latest features. The technical release notes can be found on the Trapets Developer Portal.

Highlights include:

  • Case Summary Report: a new Action Code (status of the case) section to fetch and export all the case data you need
  • Automatic deletion of KYC answers based on a specified time
  • Possibility to link customers directly to a case
  • Risk group development: A new report to track customer and account risk values
  • Risk assessment based on a referential customer’s KYC answer
  • New risk contributors
    • Customer risk based on reference customer-related alerts
    • Customer risk based on pinpointed reference customer