The highlights of Transaction Monitoring Q2 release

Read about the highlights related to the latest product release for Transaction Monitoring.
A red gradient background transitioning from dark to light from left to right.

New scale for Closing status

We are introducing a new scale for closing statuses for alerts and cases. This change of closing statuses gives possibilities in the future to predict how important issued alerts are, a better basis for tuning alert triggers and higher granularity in reports.

Choose list in KYC Screening alert trigger

Possibility to select which lists you want to be used for screening. A new section has been added to the KYC Screening alert trigger configuration, showing all lists that you have access to.

Adverse Media Screening

You can use the Adverse Media Screening feature to collect information of a negative nature on both companies and individuals

New filters in the Relation graph widget

A commonly encountered challenge is that, in some cases, you may encounter too many relations, making it impossible to identify and understand each connection. We have improved and refined the filters for a more in depth understanding of connections. 

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