InstantWatch KYC Screening

KYC "Know Your Customer" is a quick and accessible internet service for screening of customers against Sanctions, Ofac and PEP lists.

About the service

“Know your customer”, KYC, is an important part of the EU’s fourth and fifth anti-money laundering directives. Banks, financial companies and institutions must screen their clients against EU/UN sanctions lists and also keep track if a client is a Politically Exposed Person, PEP, or if the are categorized as an RCA; Relatives and Close Associates.

The service InstantWatch KYC Screening makes it easy to carry out such screenings for a reasonable cost, for small companies as well as large corporations.

If a company also wants to screen their customers against the U.S. Ofac/SDN list, then the KYC screening service can, under certain conditions, also provide this.


Product Sheet White paper regarding EU 4th AML directive
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When should customers be screened against the sanction lists?

A prospective client should be screened during the client on boarding process. Furthermore, all clients should be screened regularly, preferable on a daily basis.

Which customers should be screened against the PEP list?

So-called PEP customers require an enhanced due diligence process regarding money laundering and terrorist financing. With the InstantWatch KYC Screening service it is easy to find out if a customer is a PEP or RCA. Read more about Trapets PEP lists.

How is safety and security handled?

InstantWatch KYC Screening is a service that was built from the start with security in focus. Traffic to and from the service is encrypted automatically via SSL/https.

What is the next step when the routines for KYC are in place?

To know your customer and screen the client against various forms of sanctions lists is a very important part of the directive on money laundering monitoring. The next step is to introduce an automatic risk based approach and monitoring of customer transactions. Trapets provides an automatic internet service to manage even this, the InstantWatch AML.

InstantWatch KYC Screening – an internet service

An individual customer can be screened by InstantWatch KYC Screening, for example, in the customer acceptance process. It is also possible to send a file with a large number of customers to the InstantWatch KYC service to be screened in a single batch.

This can be done in two ways:

1. InstantWatch KYC Screening directly over the Internet
You can log onto the web interface with an ordinary web browser and perform screening of an individual customer or of a data file with multiple customers.

2. InstantWatch KYC Screening integrated directly from other applications
It is easy to connect other programs and systems to the InstantWatch KYC screening service. This is also done over the Internet through a so-called web service interface. Then KYC screenings of customers can be done directly from the client’s own management software and you can let the system screen all customers automatically, for example, each night.

The service InstantWatch KYC Screening makes it easy to carry out such screenings at a reasonable cost, even for smaller companies

How do I get started?

You need an agreement with Trapets AB to be able to use the service. Within a few days you receive your login details and are up and running. Trapets also provides specifications and support. Contact Trapets for more information and pricing!