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Reduce Risk, Identify and Onboard More Honest Customers

Customer Due Diligence Made Easy

Onboard more honest customers and automate your ongoing due diligence processes with InstantWatch CDD. Mitigate the risk of being used for money laundering or terrorist financing and show regulators you comply.

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InstantWatch CDD summary

Onboarding KYC

When onboarding new customers, the KYC process is essential to be compliant with the current and upcoming AML regulations. InstantWatch CDD gives excellent support for:

  • Customer identification
  • Gathering and storage of KYC-information
  • Screening and obtaining third-party data
  • Risk calculation
  • Analysis of KYC-answers
  • Agreement signing

InstantWatch CDD has a user-friendly interface and is easy to administrate. The system allows you to configure questionnaires, risk models and analysis of gathered information. The questionnaires can be cleverly designed so that it dynamically changes questions based on the customer’s previous answers or based on other information known about the customer.

Risk assessments

The platform InstantWatch offers an automatic and holistic risk-based approach where risks are calculated using a weighted risk model that is configurable to support any type of business. Many different attributes can be taken into consideration when calculating the customer’s risk score. Examples of factors often used are answers to KYC questions, screening results, customer details and information gathered from external sources etc. The risk model can generate a risk score of the potential customer and account in real-time, using an API.

Ongoing Due Diligence

The regulatory framework emphasizes the importance of KYC. An important aspect is to keep the information up to date to monitor customers according to their KYC answers and corresponding risk score.

InstantWatch CDD supports functionality that enables a renewal of the clients’ KYC answers. It is easy to create different questionnaires which are based on a set of predefined questions. Depending on the customer’s risk score, or other factors, the corresponding questionnaire will be activated.

The questionnaires can be activated as a one-time job, for a selected customer at a specific point in time, or as an ongoing job to automatically activate questionnaires for a predefined set of relevant customers.

Enhanced Due Diligence

If, for some reason, a customer cannot be onboarded automatically or is considered a high-risk customer and therefore more information about them, is required, enhanced due diligence may be necessary.

InstantWatch CDD enables a firm to establish rules based on the client’s KYC answers, their calculated risk, screening result and/or information gathered from external sources. This may entail a wider scope of questions (e.g. follow-up questions based on previous answers) asked to the specific client or manual handling of the application. Automatic validation of the KYC answers can be configured both in the onboarding process as well as in the ongoing due diligence process.

The way of validating a client is configurable and can be customized for every firm’s specific requirements.

Efficient workflow

The InstantWatch CDD workflow is efficiently handled with powerful alerts, case management, and reporting tools. Workflows can be personally customized with dashboards containing configurable widgets, which allows the user to optimise their workflow. All documentation can be easily stored in the alert itself or the case management tool. The system can be configured for thinning of personal data for compliance with GDPR.


InstantWatch CDD can easily be integrated into a firm´s client portal by a REST API.

Monitoring assurance and audit possibilities

InstantWatch has support to exercise control functions to assure that the system does what it is expected to do. All configurations are documented within the system, and you can easily look at old configurations, comment about why it is configured in a specific way as well as investigate the outcome of changes done during a period. The system includes a comprehensive audit log with full traceability, and users with sufficient privileges can trace any change at any given time.

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