Remove the complexity of Customer Due Diligence

Your customers expect a fast, simple, and seamless onboarding process. Implementing secure and thorough customer due diligence (CDD) checks is imperative to managing risk and protecting your business. But with criminal activity getting increasingly sophisticated, the time, cost, and effort that it takes to check and reference every aspect of a customer, initially and thereafter, can be a burden for many businesses.

When onboarding new customers, there are multiple factors that need to be addressed. The need to accurately and securely investigate them all is crucial to minimise risk for your business and comply with regulations. For the customer, speed, and security when onboarding is paramount.

With InstantWatch CDD, you can automate and facilitate the customer due diligence process at a low cost and effort. It allows you to work smarter when onboarding customers and during ongoing customer due diligence. InstantWatch CDD enables speed and efficiency, whilst strengthening the processes that give you full confidence in knowing your customer.  

Know your customer with confidence

To remain compliant with anti-money laundering regulations, you must carry out the appropriate due diligence and screen your customers on an ongoing basis. InstantWatch CDD enables a customer’s answers to be renewed with questionnaires dynamically adjusted, depending on the customer’s risk scores and changing circumstances. It gives you real-time risk-based results and the ability to onboard customers in seconds. It flags high-risk clients through screening and information gathered, which may then require a wider scope of questions or revert to manual handling.

Using a much more efficient and secure form of validation and onboarding enables your team to focus on the alerts that matter. Less investigation time along with better case management, storage and reporting options means stronger decision-making and lower operational costs for your business. 

InstantWatch CDD features;

  • Configurable risk model with each customer
  • Automatically identifiy and assign a risk score for each customer based on multi-layer information and analyses
  • Automate onboarding with the real-time API or conduct due diligence on an individual basis
  • Configurable platform to suit various business needs, including customisable questionnaires using dynamic interval adjustments
  • Seamlessly and easily validate and store all KYC information
  • Screen and obtain third-party data
  • Agreement signing
  • User-friendly customer interface

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