Kraft Bank is expanding its engagement with Trapets

We are excited to announce the engagement between Kraft Bank and Trapets to include our customer due diligence solutions in their processes.
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We are excited that our customer Kraft Bank has extended their engagement with Trapets to include our customer due diligence solution. Kraft Bank has been a customer of Trapets since 2018 and uses our AML and KYC screening solutions.

Kraft Bank wanted to simplify the process of onboarding and ongoing customer due diligence by combining KYC data with transaction monitoring in one solution. Adding Trapets’ customer due diligence solution supports Kraft Bank’s need for one technical solution.

Jonathan Sunnvik, Director of Legal and Business Support at Kraft Bank, comments, “For us, it made a lot of sense to gather our AML process in one technical solution. We will be more efficient and have more lean technology to support our AML work to continuously improve our internal process.”

About Kraft Bank ASA

Kraft Bank helps individuals in financial distress to refinance their loans. The bank also offers saving products. The company started in May 2018 and serves over 700 customers today.
Kraft Bank has 45 employees, serves the national market of Norway, and have their offices in Sandnes, Norway

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