Market and Trade Surveillance Q1 release

Find out the highlights for the latest product release for Market and Trade Surveillance.
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Three main categories are in focus for the latest updates on Instantwatch Market:

  • Web interface
  • Triggers
  • Other updates

Web interface

Search functions
We have built new search pages for orders and trades. This addition allows the user to create better searches by using more filtering options, enabling the user to export the results directly to Excel without using the report page.

Help text functionality

We added new functionality to display help text within the application. It is currently only available on the new search pages and triggers.


We added several new triggers connected to instrument movements after published news. 

Other updates

We have improved how our system acts when the user session has timed out.  Lastly, various activities have taken place to improve the performance of the Instantwatch Market and our hosting platform.
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